Why Buying a Used Motorcycle is Smart

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Marketing executives, motorcycle manufacturers, and insurance carriers spend a lot of time and money telling the general public that the best way to get the most out of a vehicle is to by brand new. It will have zero mileage on it, have that new vehicle smell, ad be the envy of friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Owners may even get the girl sprawled over that ride in the commercials. If a new car or motorcycle is what is desired, then buy one. If retaining value and getting more for the money is the goal, then purchase a used motorcycle.

A new vehicle of any type loses one third of its value as soon as it is driven of the lot. The depreciation rate goes down each year after that. At a certain point, a well maintained vehicle maintains value better as depreciation rates even out. Finding a dealership dedicated to Selling high quality used Harley Davidson for sale since 1996 will ensure the motorcycle purchased will retain the current value for longer than a new one. Insurance rates are often much lower for a used motorcycle than for a new one as well.

Seeking Used Motorcycles for sale may also mean the buyer can purchase a higher quality model for the same money a new lesser model costs. Think about it. A used Harley Davidson in great condition versus a new model of any other brand. The rumble, the power, and the distinctive style that can only be a Harley Davidson is what most riders dream about. The vast majority can make that dream a reality by purchasing a used one. A decade of experience and accumulating a wide selection of motorcycles is a long time to be Selling high quality used Harley Davidson for sale since 1996. Smart buyers will want to start in a dealership like that.

Selecting the dealership carefully is the key to purchasing an excellent used motorcycle. Ask where most of the inventory is found. If the answer is auctions and personal sales, there may be a higher risk of problems in the near future. Most of those sales are “as is”, which means there was nothing done to the motorcycle before the sale. No inspection, no test drive, or no mechanical work was completed. Selling high quality used Harley Davidson for sale since 1996 is done through an inventory that is primarily made up if trade-in vehicles. Dealerships inspect and repair any issues on a trade-in after it has been accepted because they know their reputation depends on selling only the best used motorcycles available.